How Air Duct Cleaning Works

Our customers are often left speechless when asked when the last time they had their air system cleaned. It is shocking what can be found behind the air vents that are just a few feet from the family dinner table or the bed you sleep on. It does not even occur to people that the air system that supplies the air that we breathe could have large amounts of dust and debris deposited and circulated in the air in your home. Some other irritants commonly found include: pollen, insects, rodents, pet dander, dust mites, and particulate matter floating in through the windows and doors. These irritants can be pulled into and circulated through your standard H.V.A.C. system and are installed in most homes.

All Season Air Duct Cleaning uses the latest industry-recognized cleaning technology to rid your home of those bothersome pollutants and irritants. In the first stage we do a through inspection of your H.V.A.C. system prior to any cleaning. This allows us to educate our customers about the cleaning process and the benefits of the additional services that our company provides.

Then, out technicians thoroughly clean each individual opening (i.e. vents and returns) for all possible dust and debris. We use a rotating brush along with high powered vacuum system to remove all irritants and pollutants. A high-efficiency particle air (HEPA) filter is used during the cleaning to control the removed debris from being re-introduced into your home.

Our last and final stage involves a comprehensive re-inspection of your system during the re-assembly of the duct work, to ensure the complete removal of all dust and any other particles. If any moisture is present, the potential for micro-biological growth (i.e. mold and mildew) is significantly increased and the spores from such growth could be released directly into a home's living space. These micro-organisms grow best at temperatures between 68 - 86 degrees Fahrenheit and prefer an environment that is damp and dark. That is why your system is obviously a perfect breeding ground for these nasty organisms! At that time we fog our Microban Biocide Decontamination Treatment into your system if needed, to combat allergens and the other irritants commonly found in most heating and cooling systems.


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